1955 - Benton


After finally getting a name "Snohomish County - LST 1126" in 1955 the ship went on it's fifth Far East tour of duty making port in Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Okinawa,Hong Kong, some more than once, and surely other places I cannot recall.

I had written little snippets on the back of each photo to describe where and what was going on. Like most Mom's, she never destroyed anything pertaining to her kids. I found stuff of my early school drawings there. The paper was so brittle when I opened it it broke. A few items from later years that I found were keepers, and my kids grabbed them like they were there favorite candies.

Might I suggest you check into things your Mom may have saved concerning your Navy tour of duty? You may find photos or stuff for stories that you could submit for the website


1955 Moored in our "Normal" spot in Sasebo, Japan. The ride to and from liberty was long and sometimes pretty rocky as you can see from the waters in this photo. Bone cold comes to mind in describing that trip back to the ship after waiting at the docks in the winter for the liberty boat to show. Sometimes you took the "Water Taxi to get back ... if you had the "YEN" to.

The waters were not always smooth and friendly were they? Do you recall that patter, patter, bump, bump, or the long straining squeal as the ship rose and fell over that tall wave, or trying to get back to your watch with at least a half cup of coffee in the rolling seas, or seeing the warping of the decks and bulkheads inside the tank deck?


Did you wrap your arm under the ropes of your bunk bindings to keep from rolling out of the bunk, doze a bit, and wake with your arm more asleep that you were?

1955 Hawaii. Several of us rented a car and toured the island. We went through the Dole factory where they had all the Pinapple Juice you wanted to drink. They had a special fountain for tourist to use and drink until they were satisfied ... or sick.