1947 - 1953 History


LST-1126 operated out of her home port of San Diego, California. During the summer of 1947, LCDR I. D. EASLEY relieved LT. MAY as Commanding Officer.

In speaking with some shipmates who served on the 1126 during this time, they indicated most of the year consisted of trips to San Clemente Island on the usual training missions. Sometimes with Marines from the base close by in San Diego.

During this year LST-1126 spent two months in the yards and then rode her second tour to the Western Pacific.
Shipmates say this trip was very similar to others in that they visted Japan, Okinawa, and delivered various items.


Walking the streets of Hawaii and the surrounding areas it was not unusual to have a rain squall run right over you and pass on out to sea. No one seemed to care or run for cover.

Here's some of the ship's crew onboard during 1948 - 1949 During a visit to Hawaii. Are there any more beautiful waters in the world than those surrounding Hawaii?
Also, the landscapes of these years and shortly thereafter were pristine and beautiful.


Getting beautiful view and enjoying a cool one in Hawaii
(photo furnish by Dave Bellmard)


LCDR EASLEY was in command when the ship went on the Point Barrow Alaskan Re-Supply Expedition during the summer of 1949. This was the first of several trips that LST-1126 made of the Dew Line Re-Supply Expeditions. During these Alaskan tours I was told they flushed out many sea ballast tanks and filled them with fuels for delivery to the Point Barrow area. Upon having the fuel delivered to the storage area, the ship returned to a AO which had made the trip with them and transport fuel from the AO to the storage tanks at Point Barrow. The shifts of the crew was six hours on and six hours off during this operation to get the fuels, oils and equipment unloaded.


LST-1126 operated around San Diego and (I believe) was suppose to make the Alaskan run again. However, from what I've been told by a shipmate, the ship was unable to go because of problems with the main engine reduction gears. It was suspected that someone not wanting to go on the tour to Alaska purposely damaged the gears with some objects being placed in them.